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Our financial expert witness testimony draws on an in-depth understanding of maritime economics

New York Office

Forensic analysis

We use advanced data interrogation tools to search financial records for suspicious transactions, analyse trends and investigate variances against predicted or contractual outcomes.

Financial modelling

We use advanced financial modelling to perform "what if" analysis based on the facts of the case, or to determine likely outcomes based on incomplete data.

Market analysis

We analyse historical, current and predictive data to build a comprehensive picture of the relevant market, the basis for benchmarking and predictive analysis.


We benchmark actual performance against the market, vessel class or sister ships, and analyse variances to understand sub-par or above-par performance.

Contract performance

By building a predictive model of performance under a contract, such as a charter party or a joint venture agreement, we are able to investigate actual v predictive variances.


Geoff Woodhouse has experience across dry bulk, tanker and containership markets, disputes and investigations involving joint ventures, insolvency, complex freight derivatives and wreck recovery. 

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