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Salamanca Private Office Limited is a private limited company registered in England and Wales with number 13021708. Its registered office and principal place of business are at 136 Bishops Road, London SW6 7AS. The company's VAT number is 367509272.


The director is Geoffrey Woodhouse.


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Furthermore, laws and regulations vary with jurisdiction and time. Compliance will always depend upon particular circumstances. Published material is correct as at the date of first publication but is not updated. This material should not be acted on or relied upon as doing so. Any reliance on the information is therefore solely at the user's own risk.



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Intellectual property

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Unless otherwise stated, all rights in any content which appears on this website (including, without limitation, the publications displayed on the website, the screen displays, the text, graphics, and look and feel of the website) belong to us or our licensors.

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Any other storage, copying or use of any of the contents of this website is prohibited without our consent.

Slavery and human trafficking statement

Read our Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement.

Our tax strategy

We observe the highest standards of professionalism in advising our clients and are equally committed to dealing with our own affairs responsibly.


You are entitled to complain, including in relation to our bills, by contacting

River Thames, London
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