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Our risk management solutions are designed to mitigate investment risk for shipping investors


Due diligence

Our pre-investment financial due diligence is designed to mitigate investment risks by stress-testing financial models, analysing the market, competitors, operations and management, enabling the investor to make an informed investment decision.

Financial controls

By identifying, documenting and testing the effectiveness of financial controls we can help mitigate the impact and likelihood of financial risks. We can extend the scope of our analysis to cover components of the supply-chain, for example commercial and technical managers.

Cyber security

We partner with specialist cyber security consultants to investigate cyber security risks over critical financial infrastructure.


We benchmark vessels' performance (expressed in daily time charter equivalent earnings) against the market and analyse operating costs against the benchmark.

Financial modelling

We use advance financial modelling based on Baltic Forward Assessments to predict vessel performance , and stress-test the results for operational and market risk factors.

Fraud risk analysis

We analyse the likelihood and impact of significant financial fraud risks across operations and across the supply chain, and propose financial controls to mitigate those risks.

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